A Tell-All eBook By Lawyers
What Collection Lawyers Don’t
Want You To Know…

Attention Debtors
This eBook is not a Silver Bullet for magically eliminating your financial woes,
nor does one exist. It will, however, enable you to easily find, understand, and use the laws of your
state as a lawyer would to defend and settle your collection suit. If you have not yet been sued it will familiarize
you with the process and remove the unknown. In either instance you must read the eBook to reap the benefits....
and it will be well worth the time spent.

  Defend Your Own Lawsuit  
Are you worried
about being sued for
debts and don’t know what to do?
your stress

“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
How to Beat Collection Lawyers at Their Own Game

You will learn that the three main stages of debt collection:
  • Harassing calls from the creditor or collection agency
  • Demand letter from a collection law firm
  • Suit is filed against you on the debt
To the layman each stage is more intimidating than the other and most conscientious people panic at some point because they owe the money, cannot pay it, and don’t know what to do.  Generally, hiring a lawyer is out of the question because of the expense involved and the fact that the debt is owed. 

Typical options that seem viable include:
  • Do nothing
  • Try to resolve the matter with the creditor
  • Consult a debt consolidation firm
  • File for bankruptcy
In this case ignorance is anything but bliss.  To the contrary being ignorant of the legal aspect of debt collection can be mentally and financially devastating because it forecloses every opportunity to minimize the hardship of a seemingly impossible situation.

There are better options available that can lead to relatively beneficial results under your circumstances.  However, without retaining a lawyer or having at least a cursory understanding of how the legal debt collection process operates and your rights such options will not be available because you will not know that they exist.

Lawyers’ Dirty Little Secrets provides that invaluable information so you will have the opportunity to:
  • Make enlightened decisions knowing all of the options
  • Understand your legal rights and how to use them in order to minimize the mental and financial ramifications
  • Beat the creditors and collection lawyers at their own game
The valuable information prented here is not available anywhere else in one book.
It will calm your fears by helping you understand the legal
collection process and easy actions you can take to protect yourself.

Listen Up! Creditors are becoming more aggressive in their collection efforts: you better know your rights
and how to use them.

To survive financially it’s important that you understand:
  • The legal process of being sued on a debt
  • Possible consequences
  • Your rights and options
  • How to make intelligent decisions based on accurate information
  • You are not being bailed out

If you are struggling with debt, unable to make ends meet,
and experiencing the following:

  • Pressure and anxiety
  • Stomach in knots
  • Sleepless nights
  • Tension and frayed nerves consuming every aspect of your life
  • Constant harassing collection calls at home and work
  • Threatening letters from credit card companies, bill collectors
    and lawyers
  • Concerns about being sued
  • Helplessness because this is a new experience and you don’t know what to do

You Can Relax… Because Relief is Here

NOW you can relieve the fear, anxiety and pressure
of debt collectors and constantly thinking about or actually
being sued without knowing what to do.

Fear of the unknown is mentally and physically debilitating. The valuable information
about the legal collection process revealed in this tell all-book will calm that fear.
You can reclaim your life by using it.

Ever wonder why or hear about someone who owed money that was sued
then hired a lawyer to represent them and made a favorable settlement
without losing everything... including their sanity?

It’s not because their lawyers were brilliant, but rather because they knew
the secrets of how to successfully play the collection game…
and were paid a hefty fee for such knowledge.

In this tell-all book retired lawyers reveal those secrets for the very first time.
You DON'T have to pay a lawyer a small fortune to learn them... and you
DON'T have to be a lawyer to understand and use them effectively.
You’ll Learn…

How to beat the lawyers suing you at their own game.

They are pros and know how to play it but you don’t. Now, with this information you can level the playing field and win… even though you owe the money.

How the legal collection process works...
... and much more.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
You’re under the gun and the hungry collection wolves are clawing at your door.

Defend Your Own Lawsuit

Now you can immediately relieve your anxiety, fears, and pressure...
Learn how to make smart decisions to protect your sanity and financial interests.

- How to prevent a judgment from being entered against you without having a chance
to defend yourself… whether or not you owe the money!

- The secret of making time your closest ally and best defense instead of your
worst enemy … like lawyers do only without paying huge legal fees.

- The real way collection law firms work, and how you can easily become their worst nightmare by using the same laws and procedures as they do… all to your advantage.
Money Rules

At some point your case might not make financial sense to the lawyers and creditor suing you because of all the time involved. You can create this condition by understanding and using the legal process in collection suits.

There’s no mystery in this process once you understand it… and it’s very simple.

Find and use the state laws and procedures that apply to your case. These laws are for the public and available for use by everyone – not just lawyers who charge dearly to use them.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
  Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets eBook

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their secrets...

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“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
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These laws are easy to use and you will benefit from them in your case.
If you can read and understand english you can use them to defend yourself
and get precious time without hiring lawyers.
Or if you hire lawyers you can better understand
what they’re dong… or not doing.
Mental and Financial Relief… At Last

Knowledge is Power...

You can use the same laws, procedures, and tactics that lawyers do to get the lawsuit against you dismissed or at least settled on a favorable basis.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
Defend Your Own Lawsuit Your Worst Case Scenario

Your case is not dismissed and cannot be favorably settled. However, you have benefited significantly by having the priceless luxury of extra time to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the collection process…and created some breathing room to make some smart, pressure free decisions about your future.

And learn many more “dirty little” lawyer secrets you can use to your advantage.
  Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets eBook

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as possible...

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“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
Only $87.00
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PS: If you’re concerned about being sued the information contained in this book will be invaluable and not available anywhere else unless you retain a competent lawyer.

PSS: If you’ve been sued your immediate concern should be preventing an uncontested or default judgment from being entered against you… not the debt! Simply follow this easy to understand book and act, or hire a lawyer - you’ll have ample time to deal with the matter of debt later.
Sidebar: You'll learn how to find and use the same laws lawyers do when they
aggressively defend clients against debts with fees in the thousand of dollars.

Going Through Financial Hell?

Practical Information On
What To Do If You’re Sued

...Click the play icon above and listen to the truth
Defend Your Own Lawsuit It’s Not Your Fault –
This Can Happen To The Best of Folks

Unfortunately, even well intended people can begin slowly sliding into financial ruin and before they know it that slide picks up speed and heads straight downhill to utter misery.

Fast easy money through refinancing and low credit card rates without any thought of the consequence for failing to repay and job losses opened the floodgates of Debtor’s Hell.

Accordingly, an untold numbers of people are finding escape frightening and impossible.
Homeowners Were Treated...
to a Double Whammy

Their home values declined below the amount of debt against them and adjustable rate mortgages adjusted upward as did the monthly payment. For many the American Dream became a nightmare.

To make matters worse the re-sell market collapsed. Since the debt on many homes significantly exceeded the value they couldn’t even be given away and fell into foreclosure.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
The Cost of Living, Unemployment, and Bankruptcies Keep Rising

Everyday living expenses, e.g., car, utilities, food, clothing, gas, health insurance,
and basic necessities have increased while monthly income has remained the same
for some, decreased for many others, and many have lost their jobs. Finding better
paying jobs is extremely difficult because of cutbacks due to the economy…
and the situation isn’t getting rosier.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
We strongly encourage
responsible use of credit.
Credit Cards... But No More Credit

Credit card advances that were used to make up the short fall have dried up because the cards are maxed out and it’s become a fight every month to pay the interest.

The easy re-fi money is long gone and in many cases payments for everything are seriously late or not being made at all because there isn’t enough money to go around.

Good faith attempts are made to spread what little “left over” money there is among the major creditors, but there’s never enough and the black hole keeps getting deeper… with no end in sight.
Harassing Collection Calls

The phone constantly rings – at home, at work, late at night, and on weekends – because the account has been turned over to collection and they want the money that’s owed to them.

Stress, fear, and pressure increase dramatically and tension spills into every aspect of life so it becomes impossible to think straight: in short – the joy is gone and daily existing is miserable.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
Defend Your Own Lawsuit The Debt is Real

The Reality... your debt is not going to magically disappear and the collection calls will increase daily with a more threatening tone… then you will be sued.

So what’s the solution… or is there one that makes sense?

Debt counseling and consolidation seem reasonable but are costly. Even with reduced debt and lower monthly payments you’re back to square one if they’re not made on time.

There’s always bankruptcy, but most people prefer to avoid that ending if possible.
Face The Truth: You Will Be Sued.

This could be the final straw for you: a devastating
and frightening trip into debtors hell…
and you don't know the first thing about the legal collection process.

All that is known right now is that you owe the money, cannot afford
a lawyer, and are running out of precious time.

Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets eBook

Know the Secrets
to the Collection Game… and Win

This tell-all book will calm your fears, stress, and anxieties about being sued for a debt. It provides practical information about the legal process in everyday terms and how it can easily work to your advantage and give you more time.

You will learn how to find the laws of your state that
apply to being sued for a debt, understand their practical applications and effects, and how they can be used to
your advantage.

You will also learn about debt prioritization and its consequences, particularly as it relates to foreclosure.
These are the same laws lawyers use every day to defend people who are being sued for a debt, and they are very easy to understand and use. You just have to know where to look for these laws, find them, and start reading. This is not rocket science, but merely information that’s new to you so don’t be concerned, but rather look forward to gaining more knowledge that will be extremely beneficial.

Yes, I want a fighting

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“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
Only $87.00
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How valuable is this book? How much would you pay to resume a normal life - to relieve the fear, stress, anxiety, and misery you’re currently experiencing almost daily,
even on a temporary basis? Every dollar you had – right?

The few dollars paid for the information provided here allows you to do just that
because above all else, it shows you how to buy time through the legal process.
The priceless luxury of that time will provide at least temporary peace of mind and relief so that you can make a smart decision about your future.
Consult a Lawyer

It is recommended that you consult an attorney if you anticipate being sued or are being sued.

If you hire a law firm this book will provide valuable insight so you can better understand what they are doing.

If you decide to represent yourself it will help to navigate troubled waters and use the same laws lawyers would in representing you to the best of their ability. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to do than you think.
Defend Your Own Lawsuit
Sidebar: You'll learn how to find and use the same laws lawyers do when they
aggressively defend clients against debts with fees in the thousand of dollars.

It’s Decisions Time… NOW!

The Moment of Truth…

Click the play icon above...Listen up and think hard

You Owe The Money – You’ve been sued or know it’s about to happen.
Time is running out fast.

Your Debt Is Not Going To Magically Disappear - YOU Have Five Clear Choices:

- Hire an attorney and hope for the best
- Represent yourself and roll the dice
- Buy this book and learn how to help yourself the right way
- Do nothing and wait for the collection wolves to start ravaging your wages and assets
- File for bankruptcy
What Are You Going To Do About It?

I want your book so I can learn some of those “dirty little secrets” lawyers keep to themselves. I can’t afford a lawyer but want to use the laws like they do to relieve this tremendous pressure and get more time to think straight.
  Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets eBook

Yes, I am going to
act NOW...

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“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
Only $87.00
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You Will Learn These Secrets

  1. That “more time” is invaluable… particularly now when you need it most.

  2. How to turn time into your ally instead of an enemy.

  3. How to find and use laws to get time and fight back instead of quitting – without incurring legal fees.

  4. How the legal collection process works and how to use it to your advantage.

  5. How to favorably settle your case using the same tactics that skilled lawyers do…even though the debt is owed and indefensible.
The invaluable information in this tell-all book fully explains
the legal collection process and provides you with the
knowledge to help level the playing field.

Understanding the process and how it will benefit you will immediately by easing your fears, anxieties and stress, making your life more enjoyable,
and providing you with an opportunity to favorably settle your debt.
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  Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets eBook

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“Lawyers' Dirty Little Secrets”
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